Participation and publishing fees

Conference participation fee – 50 EUR/person (it is applied to speakers, co-authors, accompanying persons and other participants of the conference. The article‘s publishing fee is not included. Conference participation fee covers conference expenses on conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch and welcome dinner. Travelling and accommodation costs should be covered by the participants. The fee will not be refunded without attending the conference).

Article‘s publishing fee is 50 EUR for 8-16 typeset pages (US A4). Each extra page will cost 10 EUR. This fee covers costs for DOI services and registration, and preparing the article’s layout for publishing as well. In case the author will not pay article’s publishing fee, the article will not be published. The articles will not be edited, so the authors are responsible for the fluent and correct language.

VMU bank account number and the deadline for payment of the participant’s fee and article‘s publishing fee will be set out in the prepaid invoice, which will be send to participant via e-mail before the conference.