12th Conference on Accounting and Finance is dedicated to Sustainable Bioeconomy and Rural Development.

We are kindly inviting to present articles and to make presentations or posters on the following topics:

  • Innovative solutions for accounting and audit in business and public organisations operating in bioeconomy sector and rural areas (financial accounting; management accounting; social accounting; environmental accounting; accounting information systems; business taxation; audit quality, effectiveness and ethics, etc.).
  • Business finance and financial management for sustainable bioeconomy and rural development (financial analysis, planning and valuation; financial econometrics; investment diversification; financial markets; financial behaviour; climate finance; green financing, etc.).
  • Public finance for sustainable bioeconomy and rural development (financial support; financial instruments; models of public finance management, financial risk management, etc.).

Conference languages – English and Lithuanian.

Presentations – oral (approximately 10 minutes) and posters. Presentation slides and posters should be only in English.

Publishing of articles – articles, meeting specified requirements, will be published in the open access scientific journal “Science and Studies of Accounting and Finance: Problems and Perspectives” (e-ISSN 2351-5597). Detailed information about this journal is presented in the section For authors of this website.